Cover with border2013 Seal of Excellence

To learn more about or purchase The Three Sunflowers, from Publishing By The Seas, written by Janet Lucy (and illustrated by me), please click photo above.

Creative Child Magazine has given The Three Sunflowers the following awards:

Seal of Excellence ~ Kids Educational Storybook and Preferred Choice ~ Kids Storybook

The Three Sunflowers tells of a turbulent day in the garden where a trio of sunflowers — the tall, wise Gloria and young Solita and Sunny — face unexpected and chaotic events they have no power to stop. Through it all, Gloria guides and reassures the youngsters and reminds them of the purpose of a sunflower’s life. After a dark night of uncertainty, the story concludes with a delightful surprise ending. This unique and inspiring book offers empowering messages of hope, courage and peace, with new perspectives for living in an unpredictable world.


“A timely tale with an inspiring and hopeful message.” 
Inga and Jack Canfield, Bestselling Author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

“Learn the lessons of life from a sunflower who possesses all the wisdom of a Zen master. Beautiful watercolor illustrations help receive these teachings. The Three Sunflowers is a brilliant, clear, inspired work, and a treasure for young and old alike.” 
Paula Matthew, Award Winning Author of The Indigo Wizard: The Awakening Tales (Mom’s Choice Awards Recipient)

“With enchanting artwork and delightful prose, The Three Sunflowers presents an enduring fable about hope and peace, straight out of the garden.”
Niki Dewart, co-author of The Mother’s Wisdom Deck

“Float into the dreaminess of the illustrations while experiencing an extraordinary day in the life of three courageous sunflowers. Great messages–well done!” 
Deborah Hutchison, Founder, Gutsy Gals Inspire Me and Author of Put It in Writing!: Creating Agreements Between Family and Friends

“Expressing the love and wisdom of elders as teachers of peace, The Three Sunflowers has a depth beyond its outward sweetness. Grounded in the reassurance of the cycles of life and with a reminder to savor the present moment, this is a book to cherish and re-read, a meditation to share and generate peacefulness.” 
Nancy Black, syndicated columnist, Chicago Tribune

“As a teacher of children for more than 30 years, I have found The Three Sunflowers to be a refreshing and inspiring book introducing young readers to the life cycle of a sunflower. Descriptive language tells the tale of interrelationships within nature and ourselves. The sunflowers and other garden creatures embody universal emotions with reference to faith and a larger perspective on life. Detailed and precise watercolor paintings go well with the text. Great resource for parents and teachers!”  
Wendy Kanter, Teacher & Co-Founder/Santa Barbara Charter School

And coming soon, book number 2~:-)

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